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Do you have a blocked drain?

Do you have a backed-up toilet or gurgling drains? Maybe the water isn’t flowing the way it should or an unpleasant aroma has filled your house? These are all signs of a blocked drain.

Leaving blocked drains unattended can lead to costly damage and potential health issues, so they should be addressed straight away. If you suspect you have a blocked drain, it’s time to contact BH Plumbing.

Common causes of blocked drains:

Blocked drains cleared fast!

BH Plumbing uses the latest CCTV technology to locate the precise location of the blockage in your plumbing. In most cases we can use our advanced hydrojet equipment to clear the blockage quickly and effectively. We then use our CCTV to confirm the blockages is cleared, ensuring a longer-lasting result. With 65 metres of hydrojet reach, BH Plumbing can effectively clear almost any blocked drain through to the sewer mains for longer-lasting results.

In some more stubborn cases, like broken or collapsed pipes, there may be a requirement to dig out the pipe and replace it. Because we are able find the precise location of your blockage with our CCTV equipment, we can minimise the amount of digging required to replace the damaged pipes. This means no exploratory digging, a smaller area of impact and overall, a more cost-effective result!

If you’re having trouble with a blocked drain, call BH Plumbing today!

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How to know if your drains are blocked

The most common sign of a localised blocked drain is when the water in your sink, basin, bath, shower or toilet drains very slowly. Left too long, the blockage may get worse and stop the water flowing all together, resulting in overflowing drains and potential water damage!
If the blockage is further down the pipe, you may notice the water drainage from one fixture results in rising water in another fixture. For example, draining the water from your bathroom basin causes water to rise out of your floor drain.

If you’re noticing backed-up toilets or gurgling drains, don’t delay! Call BH Plumbing to keep your water flowing!

Signs of a blocked drain:

Prevention is better than cure. How to avoid a blocked drain!

Preventing a blocked drain is cheaper and less hassle than having to clear one. There are a few steps you can take to minimise your risk of causing a blocked drain which save you time, money and from being flooded out!

If you’re concerned you may have a blocked drain, contact us today!

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