BH gas fitter fixing a gas leak from the kitchen stove

We’re your gas fitting experts!

BH Plumbing are your reliable gas experts. Our team can provide service connections for new builds and are fully qualified to move or relocate gas lines for your renovation or extension projects. We can install and repair gas appliances and respond to gas leaks 24/7 with no extra call out fees during business hours.

Whether your gas heater simply needs servicing or you’re installing an outdoor kitchen, the BH Plumbing team are fully qualified and able to tackle any project to the highest standards of safety, quality and compliance.

No matter what your job, BH Plumbing can help with all things gas.

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Signs that you might have a gas problem

Gas appliances, heaters and hot water are extremely beneficial and a cost-effective options for your home. It is important to know the early warning signs of a problem with your gas fixtures to avoid dangerous situations. Some common signs of gas problems include:

A gas leak is an emergency!

If you have noticed any of the above signs or think that you may have a gas fault – don’t delay! Make the area safe using the steps below then call BH Plumbing for prompt 24/7 emergency attendance with no callout fees during business hours!

Steps to take when you notice a gas leak

A gas leak is an emergency and immediate steps must be taken to make the area safe. If you suspect you may have a gas leak, follow the steps below to make the area safe:

  1. Turn off all gas appliances.
  2. Isolate the leak by closing the valve at the gas meter (the valve is closed then the handle is at 90 degrees to the pipe).
  3. Open doors and windows to ventilate the area and clear it of gas.
  4. Move all people and pets to a safe area, preferably outdoors.
  5. Do not use any gas appliances, light fires or smoke in the area.
    Once you have taken the above steps to make the area safe, call BH Plumbing immediately for a fast and reliable response. We can quickly determine where the leak is and repair it, to keep you and your family safe!
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