BH plumber installing a hot water system

BH Plumbing can service and install your hot water!

Nobody likes a cold shower, especially on a winter morning! If your hot water stops working, you need prompt, effective help. BH Plumbing offers fast response times and 24/7 emergency call-outs, to restore your hot water fast!

BH Plumbing can help get your water flowing with our prompt response, same-day repairs and temporary hot water solutions. We assess your unit and always opt to repair it before recommending a replacement, providing you with a cost comparison to decide. If we can’t fix your hot water on the spot, we can provide a temporary solution to keep your hot water flowing until we can.

If you’re planning to build or renovate, BH Plumbing can install your new hot water system. Our team are also certified to relocate gas lines and power outlets to suit conversions. We can even arrange the installation of solar panels to help keep your energy bills down.

If your hot water has stopped flowing or you’re considering an upgrade call BH Plumbing for a free no-obligation quote.

We service and repair all types of water heaters



Heat Pump

Electric Storage

Signs your hot water service might need attention

Recognising the early warning signs of hot water failure can prevent you from getting caught in a freezing cold shower! If you notice any of the following signs it’s time to call BH Plumbing. Your hot water service may be needing some urgent attention!

Extending the life of your hot water service

If you want maximum efficiency and lifespan from your hot water unit, regular maintenance is essential. Running out of hot water is a massive inconvenience – don’t get caught out! It is recommended that you service your hot water unit every 12 months to maximise its usable life.

 Hot water servicing includes a range of maintenance items including:

If you don’t service your hot water unit regularly, you could be reducing the efficiency and lifespan of your hot water system. Don’t let your hot water run cold! To get the most out of your hot water unit, call BH Plumbing to arrange an inspection and service of your hot water system todays!

BH plumber installing a hot water system